As a performer and educator, Eleanor takes the stage with confidence. She has given presentations for the Wisconsin Historical Society, Dane County Genealogical Society, and public libraries and universities around the United States. Eleanor has also been able to bring her enthusiastic presentation skills to the Zoom platform, keeping audiences interested and engaged with her presentations.

To see her recent presentation schedule, make sure to check out the Appearances page on our website!

Eleanor has presented on the following topics below, HOWEVER, she welcomes the opportunity to create more presentations:

General Genealogy

  • Genealogy 101: How to get started on your genealogical journey
  • How-to’s and what’ll you finds
  • How to Use
  • Roaming the Stacks: Looking to the library to help fill holes
  • “Where Did I Put That?”: How to organize your genealogical research
  • I Love to Tell the Story: How to present your genealogical research
  • “Oh It’s Somewhere Around Here”: What is hiding in your storage areas that can help you with your genealogical searches?
  • Hop In for a Genealogy Road Trip: How to plan a genealogical jaunt to see the family sites
  • Google Workspace for Genealogical Research
  • Farming, Factories, and The Frontier: Midwest genealogy basics
  • Finding Aids Come to the Rescue
  • Our Black Sheep and Their Prison Records
  • Westward Ho!: Migration methods of the United States
  • Can You Dig It?: Upper Midwest miners and their records
  • Sifting through Cookbooks to Find Our Female Ancestors
  • COMING SOON: You Rang?: Using address books to break down brick walls

Norwegian Genealogy

  • “I’m Going to Norway!?”: A Genealogical Trip of a Lifetime
  • Scrolling through Norwegian Genealogy Resources Online
  • “Jeg bor i amerika”: Norwegians in America
  • “There They Are!”: Finding your ancestor in Norwegian documents
  • “This was a Viking hub”:  The sentence that led to a genealogical quest
  • Digitalarkivet: What to know and how to do it
  • Ole Oleson had a Farm: How to find a farm in a Norwegian haystack
  • How Religion in Norway Affected Our Ancestors
  • The Borders and Boarders of Norway: The people who called Norway home
  • Norwegian Folklore and The Tenacious Norwegians who Collected the Stories
Trivia Games (approximately 30-40 minutes in length)
  • General Theme: United States Genealogy Trivia
  • General Theme: Wisconsin Genealogy Trivia